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Credit Restoration Program
A large part of your financial profile is reflected in your Credit Score.

We work with Excellent Credit Score (ECS), who has been helping people raise their credit scores for more than 15 years. ECS have helped thousands of people raise their credit score so they could purchase a home or a car with no credit problems.
Our goal is to help people who are working through a difficult financial time.  In most cases we found that the low credit score was not our client's fault.

You see, a credit score is nothing more or nothing less than a series of allegations made by people who don't even know you.  Some of the allegations are mostly true, but a lot of them are not true.  The burden of proof is on the company that put the negative item on your credit report.

With our Credit Restoration Program, we will help you work through a difficult financial time.  These are some of the reasons people have bad credit:
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Health Problems
Job Loss
A Repossession

The Economy
Whatever the reason for  your financial setback, our proven, effective methods of restoring your credit score will give you new hope.
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You can also contact us to find out the cost, which is much lower than any other company out there.

At National Credit Restoration, we do exactly what the large credit correction companies and the large attorney firms do.  We use the same Consumer Protection Laws and especially the Fair Credit Reporting Act, just like them.

The only difference between us and them is that we get you the results you want and WE CHARGE MUCH LESS THAN THEM!