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Part of our goal for you is to help you get out of debt as quickly as possible and to help you stay out of debt for the foreseeable future.

We will be offering you a three step approach, apart from how we are already helping you with our Debt Elimination Program.
  1. Education
  2. Finance Your Own Credit
  3. Financial Assistants


When you choose to participate in our Membership Program, you will be taking part in an online educational program that will teach you all about credit, how to use it and when to us it.  You will also learn about debt and how it effects your lives in so many negative ways.
This Education Program will be accessed inside your Personal Membership website.
You will have access to an application so you can become your own credit card company, so-to-speak, just for your own use.  You will keep track of all your purchases each month, and then on a given date you will pay yourself back with interest just as you would a normal credit card company.  Basically we will help you set up a checking account, online, that you will use as your funding source for you credit card (actually a Debit Card) when you feel that you need to buy something on credit.  This will be separate from your current checking account.   Remember that it is our goal, and yours we hope, to get and keep you debt free and not be under the burden of owing other people your hard earned money.
Lastly, as part of our Membership Program we will give you financial assistants to help accelerate the paying off of your current credit card and personal loan debts, and at the same time put money aside so that you can become your own personal credit card company, so-to-speak, as stated above.
The amout of financial assistance you will get every month will depend on the financial strength of our company as we grow.  There is no guarantee that you will get any financial assistants from us, but as our company acquires clients after you become members, part of their monthly membership dues will be paid to you so that you will have extra money to pay down your debt.
Membership Program - How it works
Earn Extra Money to Help Pay off your debts

As our commitment to you, to help you pay off your debts as quick as possible, part of our service to you will be our Membership Program, of which the following is a part.

With our membership program you will have access to your own Personal Website that will have an Educational section where you will learn all about Debt and Credit.

You will also be able to set up and finance your own personal credit(debit) card account. The details of that account, purchases made, Credit Limit available, will be posted to your website. You will also receive a monthly statement from us to remind you to pay yourself back.
But the exciting part will be the Financial Assistants Program which I will explain now.

The main purpose of your monthly fee will be to help others pay off their debt who have joined our membership program ahead of you.  We call this our Pay-it-Forward program. As others join after you they will be helping you pay off your debt, and so on.   More about how that works a little later.

As a paid member, when you login to your web portal, you will be able to see who you are attached to (upline) and to those who are attached to you (downline).  You will also be able to see how much you have earned and how much you have been paid while a member to our service.

As a member you are NOT obligated to find any new members who need our Debt Elimination, Credit Restoration, and Financial Assistance programs.  As we acquire new members in our course of everyday business they will be placed downline from left to right evenly distributed across a level until that level is full, then we drop down to the next level and so on.
However, it would be to your advantage, if you were able to find your first 3 people who need our services, as they would be placed under you immediately, giving you a quicker start and  earn ever increasing income quicker.

With that said, you will also be able to use our Email ads to send to your friends and family who you feel could use and benefit from our services.   We also have some banner ads that you can place on various websites if you so choose.  Both the email and banner ads will have your Referral URL attached to them so that when someone clicks on your link you will get the credit if they chose to join.  You will also have access to a business card file that you can take to a printing company, add your details to the file and have them printed to give to people as you see fit.

As stated before, there is no  guarantee that you will earn any money.  That will all depend on the success of our company to continue bringing in new clients for our services.

Our Matrix is 3 X 6, meaning the each level will be made up of 3 persons per person and so on.  You will get paid down to the 6th level.  Another way to look at it is that each member will eventually have three members attached to them. and so on. but you will only be paid down to the 6th level.

This will not happen over night of course but it will give you extra money consistently to help pay off your debt, and to apply toward your online checking account, which we recommend, that will be used as your personal Credit Card.

Below is the matrix structure that will be built below you.  You will be paid down to 6 levels below you each and every month starting with your first sub-member.  There is no waiting period. Every time one of your sub-members, down to the sixth level, renews their membership each month we will mail you a check by the 15th of the following month, for all of your sub-members that renewed the previous month.

Example of Payout with sub-members 3 wide fully filled. (This is an example only.  This demonstrates your full maximum payout with 3 sub-members 3 across all the way down to the 6th level.  It could take some time to reach this full level.)
The cost to you, to subscribe as a member will only be $25 a month.
How to pay for our Membership Program

You will receive a PayPal Invoice, soon after you register, in your Email that you provide when you register.

Just open the email and click on the button to make your payment online through the secure PayPal Service.

When you sign up for the membership program you will be asked to register, by supplying your name, address, and other information. You will also be asked to create a login and password to be able to gain access to your personal members area. Once you register you will select the PayPal Invoice payment Option.   (This is a recurring monthly charge). You will receive a new Email invoice near the end of your monthly anniversary date.

After you have read our Membership Policies and Terms of Service pages and checked the check box at the end of each document, then click the Confirm button to confirm that you have read the document. When you have read both documents, click on the HOME button to return to this page where the boxes should be checked and the register button will be available for you to continue to the secure registration page.
Click on either link below to get started.

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